SEO and the Role of Content

First question, do you have a blog and do you keep up to date with quality content driven to answer your prospective clients most important questions about the solutions you offer?

If they say no, then I know we are starting at zero.

Even the most optimized B2B site if just a static products and services website will have a hard time growing and sustaining traffic.

Wondering just how important content is? Check out this Searchmetrics visual aid showing the content factors driving search.

Factors SEO Content

In short, to improve in almost all of these areas you need more high quality content.

SEO and the Role of Social Media Signals

The second question I ask is, how does your organization use social media?

    • Are you consistently sharing the content you are (or aren’t) creating across the platforms?
    • Do you curate and share other useful content to build trust and relationships with potential clients interested in similar subject matter?
    • Is your brand engaged and having conversations with readers in your target audience?

The purpose of this question is to basically find out one thing… Is the brand social and do they have an engaged community of any sort that shares content? Because here is a less known secret of SEO that most B2B’s are failing to realize. Social sharing is a huge driver of SEO! Looking for proof? Check out this second study from Searchmetrics.

Factors SEO Rank Social

Notice anything here? Seven of the top 8 factors driving SEO are Social sharing related and not traditional SEO drivers whatsoever!

Want SEO? Drive Content, Get Social

For companies asking the old how do we improve SEO question, the answer is simpler than you may think. The challenge for businesses is that unlike in the past where the building process was more about following steps, grabbing backlinks and properly formatting content, the rules have now changed. If you want better SEO then you need to be creating more content, and driving it through social channels. It really is (or isn’t) that simple.

Looking to better understand what drives Social sharing? Check out this great graphic from Marketing Charts.

Social Sharing Motivations

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Marcus Smith is Digital Marketing Jedi and SEO specialist with Newton Design and Marketing. Marcus helps companies from a wide range of industries to improve their online presence, search engine optimization and branding.