Exact Keyword Match Domains Are Losing Page Rank – What Now?   by Rader Sadie

By now, you may have heard that Exact Keyword Match Domains Are Losing Page Rank. There used to be a time when having the exact match domain meant a lot. In many cases, you could use this to move your site to the top of the search engines – without all the need for great off page SEO. However, things have changed and Google is no longer valuing these sites with the same authority.

If you find yourself with an exact match domain, there is a good chance that it has lost some or all of its page rank. As unfair as it may be, this is the case both with sites that are “thin” as well as those that have been built out with quality in mind. In other words, it appears that Google has slapped these sites – in some instances – even if they offered high quality content and an above average user experience.

What can I do? Many people with an exact match domain are worried about what the future holds. As they know, Google is in charge of their business and what happens next. While losing page rank and search engine rankings is never a good thing, this is no time to panic. Instead, you should focus your time and energy on both on page and off page SEO.

Tip: now is not the time to stop building your site, especially if it is high quality to start. Instead, you should continue with your plan in hopes that things will turnaround in the future.

Why did Google make this change? While nobody knows what goes on at Google, one thing is for sure: they are always looking to make changes that will improve search engine results.

The problem with some of these changes is that they penalize high quality sites, while often times letting those of lower quality slip through the cracks.

With this update, Google is hoping to get rid of lower quality sites that are ranking highly for a keyword simply because they have an exact match domain. Is this fair? It is good to see that they are taking steps to weed out sites that are not worthy of their rankings. That being said, if quality sites are “dinged” at the same time there are sure to be people who are upset.

If you are fortunate, you will not have to deal with this “exact match domain penalty.” However, many people find themselves in this situation right now. Their site lost page rank along with search engine rankings.

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Written by marcus
Marcus Smith is Digital Marketing Jedi and SEO specialist with Newton Design and Marketing. Marcus helps companies from a wide range of industries to improve their online presence, search engine optimization and branding.