By Rob Neumann
As we approach the end of 2012, we are busy making plans for 2013 which is expected to be a great year for Newton.
First, we will be adding at least 50% more to our staff next year. We will be adding account executives to work with clients, programmers as well as much more public relations and communications staff. It is clear as we have added to our social capabilities that good communication is critical. People are our foundation. As a creative group, it is about finding people – great people.
Next there is a focus on Apps! iPad and web based apps represent major business opportunities for Newton and for our clients. We will be announcing and sharing some of the apps we’ve been building for clients early next year. Apps represent major opportunities as sales tools, operations tools and marketing collateral.
Newton is working on connecting technology with our sister tech company, Next Level, to deliver apps faster and less expensively. Apps are commonly quoted at $50,000 to $100,000 in the industry. Over the next several months our first apps will be rolled out. In contrast our apps are at a high of $35,000 to much less! We expect to do another generation of improvement next year. Here are some great ideas:
  • Restaurant menus you could change daily and never print again
  • Travel and leisure, helping you spend your time eating, shopping and enjoying!
  • Doctors office forms. Why not have them actually go straight into the medical records!
  • Electronic brochures that stay with a client right on their
  • Job applications for job fairs….
You get the idea. Gee, we have smart clients. Watch this space in 2013!
Written by marcus
Marcus Smith is Digital Marketing Jedi and SEO specialist with Newton Design and Marketing. Marcus helps companies from a wide range of industries to improve their online presence, search engine optimization and branding.