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Excerpted from review article on The Next Web:

“If you’re a musician, designer or anyone who regularly offers free downloads, here’s one app you may find useful to promote your wares on Facebook.

Dropify integrates with Facebook to “make file downloads more social”, as it puts it.


You will have to connect your Facebook account with the Dropify Web app/CMS, and upload your desired file – it could be a PDF, Word Doc, audio/video file, or anything in between. A simple drag-and-drop will work in this respect.


You’ll have to add some basic information about your file, hit publish, and embed your file-share on the platform that is Facebook.

The file can then be downloaded directly from Facebook by anyone who the embed is shared with.


In terms of who could use this, it may be an unsigned (or signed) band looking to encourage song downloads, or even a writer wishing to share promo versions of a new upcoming book. An interesting potential use-case could be if a developer wanted to share an Android app .APK file, which users could download directly to their device.

Brands may also ask people to Like their Facebook Page, whenever they feel their download has a special value to it.


In terms of pricing, Dropify is available for free, though there are subscriptions ranging from $9 to $99 per month, which offers more uploads, larger file size, and analytics…”


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