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Facebook Edgerank: What you need to know to improve your Facebook marketing. Discover how to calculate your reach and grow your audience.


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“If you already have a decent fan base, it makes more sense to first focus on reaching your fans before you shift your focus to growing your audience.


Here are some tips:

#1: Calculate Your Reach:

You need to know how well you’re doing at reaching your fan base.

How do you find out what percentage of your Facebook page’s fans you’re reaching? Go to your Facebook Insights and average your reach for the last 30 days, then divide that number by your fan count.

Facebook has claimed that Facebook pages reach 16-17% of their fans on average. And typically, the more fans you have, the lower the percentage you’ll reach.


#2: Always Post Photos:

Choose the right type of content to share on Facebook.

Of all the types of content you can share, photos give the best results. Photos are most engaged with and reach the most people.


#3: Stimulate Engagement:

Try one of these four kinds of posts to generate engagement:

– Caption contest;
– Multiple choice;
Fill in the blank;
Inspirational quotes;


#4: Create Viral Exposure:

Ask users to upload their photos in a specific category. They are consciously (or subconsciously) participating in an ego contest. Often on Facebook it seems like we succeed most when we take advantage of the momentum of our fans’ self-interest.


#5: Build Fans Virally and Drive Revenue With Sweepstakes and Coupons:

Sweepstakes can build fans more affordably than ads, they’re engaging and they’re fun. Lots of pages do them.

Here are five tips for successful fan-building sweepstakes.

1) Be creative, but keep it simple.
2) Make sure the prize is related to the brand.
3) Give folks an incentive to share.
4) Look for strategic partners to co-brand with.
5) Keep the entry form short. Less is more…”


Each tip is analyzed with more information and some examples.

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