local seoWith roughly 466 billion active websites, it’s fair to say the Internet is a very large place. This also means there are a large number of competing websites when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), regardless of the search term. To avoid competing with businesses that are outside of the country, state or even town, there is one appropriate strategy: focusing on local SEO.

Businesses that have real-world locations benefit the most from local search engine optimization. Local searches tend to shine when there are goods or services that can’t be shipped to the user’s home by mail. Services like appliance repair and goods such as furniture are examples of things that people will leave their homes to purchase after finding them through a local search.

An example of a localized search would be something like ‘refrigerators near Detroit.’ Search engines interpret this phrase as one that means the user is searching for a business that is involved with refrigerators near Detroit.

Search engines that support the local search feature will pull up businesses near the physical location, in this case Detroit, Michigan, with a map of nearby results. This allows the user to select from a handful of nearby businesses instead of worldwide.

One part of local search engine optimization that extends past search engines is the off-site optimization that pertains to local directories. These act much like the yellow pages from a phone book in that they allow businesses to list themselves. Users then search this local directory for businesses that can help them. The reason local directories are worth mentioning is that while they are a valid part of local search optimization, they can also generate traffic for a business’ website all on their own.

Aside from attracting local search traffic, local SEO has a few other key advantages. Local search engine optimization has the ability to bring authenticity, mobile users and an audience of people who are more likely to purchase products or services directly to a website.

The first advantage is, a website that has had the proper local optimization treatment will be viewed as being more authentic by big search engines like

Google. This has a further benefit of making global SEO more reliable and apt to produce better results.

The second benefit concerns how mobile phones use a similar type of search that search engines do when trying to find local results. That means if a mobile user tries to find a business nearby, one already optimized for a keyword and an area will be among the top results the user sees.

The last feature that local search engine optimization carries with it involves the ability to bring in users who are more likely to be customers. A customized experience for visitors to a local website, as studies have shown and big corporations have begun to take note of, will result in more customers than an international page.

To wrap things up, local searches can bring in different users and produce better results than global searches can for some businesses. Besides making a website hold more authority in the eyes of big search engines, local search traffic brings in users from mobile devices and local directories who otherwise would be unlikely to visit a local website in the first place. Today, local search traffic is something that businesses can’t afford to ignore. This is especially true with all the benefits that local searches can bring to a website, and that’s why it should only make sense that a well-balanced SEO strategy focuses on both global and local search engine optimization.

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Written by marcus
Marcus Smith is Digital Marketing Jedi and SEO specialist with Newton Design and Marketing. Marcus helps companies from a wide range of industries to improve their online presence, search engine optimization and branding.