As an entrepreneur, you realize the importance of aesthetics. You realize that the better your office, your store or your establishment looks, it will reflect on how good the products and/or services of the business is. While most entrepreneurs emphasize the importance of how good their business establishments look, most are less likely to give importance to how their websites look.

In fact, most businesses overlook how significant of an impact web design can make when it comes to their overall marketing performance. Yes, your company’s marketing campaign has had its fair share of success, but chances are, it is not enough. The business still has to get over some kind of hump, a hump that a business can get through if it puts emphasis in its web design.
Why Web Design Affects Marketing More Than You Realize

Why The Emphasis on Web Design?

Yes, SEO is important. Search engine optimization allows websites to get the visibility and traffic it needs to sell whatever products or services businesses behind it are offering. Social media marketing is also important. It serves as the businesses’ face to the public. In fact, all marketing strategies are important. However, web design deserves more credit for very same reason why businesses make sure that their establishments look clean and neat.

While the local governments aren’t likely to look at your website to make sure that it meets local standards so that it is permitted to operated, web design is not about permits. Rather, it is about satisfying consumers the very moment that it lays its eyes upon the website.

In fact, studies show that more than 7 out of 10 consumers judge the credibility of any business by how their website looks. It doesn’t take a genius to explain that credibility has a tremendous impact in sales. This means that if your online marketing campaign is not as successful as it should be or you aren’t getting much conversions, you may want to redo your website’s theme and come up with a better one.

Remember, websites embody your business online. They should make a lasting first impression for the very same reason why your business establishment should look good.

Web Design Isn’t Just A Pretty Face

Web design is not just what you want your business to look like to the average browser. It is your way of converting these browsers to consumers. The only way to do so is that the website not only look good, but it feels good to use as well. As such, putting emphasis on usability, user interface, architecture, browsing experience and other important factors makes the difference in having a website that has a high conversion rate and one that does not do well in that category.

In launching an online marketing campaign, having a foundation is usually the best way to make sure that the campaign remains successful for years to come. The web design can and should serve as the foundation of the campaign, as it affects its efficiency both directly and indirectly.

Hopefully, you will realize how important web design really is and that you’ll decide to invest more money in it if you’d like to keep your business more than just afloat.

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Written by marcus
Marcus Smith is Digital Marketing Jedi and SEO specialist with Newton Design and Marketing. Marcus helps companies from a wide range of industries to improve their online presence, search engine optimization and branding.