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sitefinity case studyBased in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with additional offices in Dallas, Texas, SouthwestRe is a nationally recognized leader in the Finance & Insurance (F&I) industry. It forms and manages reinsurance companies, and provides administration and claims adjudication services for vehicle service contracts, insurance products and aftermarket products.


 SouthwestRe had a very old, non-interactive website that no longer reflected the caliber of their business.  In fact, the sales team rarely pointed anyone to the website because all of the products and services they offer simply weren’t represented on the website. “I believe the biggest challenge was that we had three very different audiences to address, each needing different messages and different content,” said Stephanie Smith, Marketing & Creative Design Manager for SouthwestRe.


SouthwestRe needed a professional-level CMS that had the robust ability they needed to manage information and resources for their reinsurance companies, independent agents, dealerships and contract holders. Also needed was more functionality and easy-to-use interface. After deciding on Telerik’s Sitefinity CMS, SouthwestRe partnered with Gold-Certified Sitefinity Partner, Newton Design & Marketing. Based in Houston, Texas with offices in Dallas, Newton was able to determine the needs of SouthwestRe and develop a solution that helped organize their web presence. “Because of SouthwestRe’s diverse but defined audience, we built a site designed for each unique audience category, giving each audience a different online experience,” said Rob Neumann, Managing Principal of Newton Design & Marketing.


Armed with the functionality of Sitefinity, Newton and SouthwestRe embarked on building a “persona-driven” website, building sitefinity case studydistinct “silos” for the different visitors to the site. From clients, to agents, to contract holders, each visitor in each category has a different web experience. The specific intent is to deliver exactly what the visitor needs, without them having to sift through all the content they don’t.


SouthwestRe is extremely pleased with the new website. Whether someone is looking for specific information such as a copy of their contract, paperwork to start a reinsurance company, or steps on filing a claim, it’s all right there on the website. Their customers are using the website to request items that used to take a phone call, or faxing in paperwork. SouthwestRe now has agents, dealers and contract holders reaching out to them on a daily basis through the interactive forms, making daily work activities faster and easier to manage.


 “We’ve never been able to offer this level of interaction in the past, and it’s a great feeling,” said Stephanie Smith. “Using Sitefinity is very easy.  The dashboard is user-friendly and its capabilities are more robust than some of the other CMS tools on the market.”

 About SouthwestRe

SouthwestRe offers complete solutions for reinsurance, policy administration, claims adjudication and underwriting for a myriad of casualty and life insurance products. SouthwestRe is dedicated to providing highly profitable, comprehensive F&I solutions for its clients, who include car dealers, agents, lenders, real estate brokers and other industry professionals.

 About Newton Design & Marketing

Newton Design & Marketing is a full service marketing and advertising agency, and Gold Certified Sitefinity partner based in the Woodlands & Dallas, Texas. Newton Design & Marketing develops award-winning web design, mobile apps, digital marketing, branding, aerial videography, and print.

Written by marcus
Marcus Smith is Digital Marketing Jedi and SEO specialist with Newton Design and Marketing. Marcus helps companies from a wide range of industries to improve their online presence, search engine optimization and branding.