What is the secret to managing multiple WordPress sites?

As a multiple award winning design agency, Newton Design & Marketing has hosted and designed numerous web sites. Managing these web sites could have been very expensive and time consuming, but we found a solution that freed up our time and budget. But, before we tell you the solution, we’ll first explain the problem.

The Content Management System (CMS) we turned to most is WordPress, and with good reason! WordPress is the most used CMS in the world; having been used by more than 60 million web sites1.  Our team at Newton found that by using the WordPress platform, we can utilize a powerful CMS that will provide our clients with the best possible experience but will not compromise the level of quality we are used to producing.

WordPress allows us to create not only simple and effective web sites, but also quite complicated and custom web sites. We were able to build beautiful and fully custom web sites for amazing clients such as Market Street – The Woodlands (View Case Study), AESC’s Well Servicing Magazine (link), and Pathfinder Pediatrics (link) web sites, just to name a few.



While WordPress provides countless advantages and time saving features, it also needs frequent monitoring, maintenance, updates and disaster recovery backups.  These are essential to keep your website running smoothly and be protected from the latest hacker threats.


“Let’s face it, managing any website regardless of the underlying technology can prove to be a challenge”


One key component and value add of WordPress is the sea of plugins available.  Plugins bring additional features and functionality that are not present in out-of-the-box experience.  Since plugins are created by multiple authors, they also come with multiple updates.  Applying these updates can be quite a time consuming task.  To apply a plugin update to a single WordPress site, you must first:

  • Sign in to the WordPress Admin area.
  • Go to the Updates screen.
    • If you are lucky enough, the update will be waiting for you and you can click to apply the update.
    • If you are unlucky, then you must first deactivate and delete the plugin.
  • Then, upload and activate the updated plugin.

Now, imagine doing that for 2, 10, or even 50 sites.  Not to mention, a typical WordPress web site might have 10 or more plugins.  So updating 50 sites each with 10 updates means you have to perform the same work possibly 500 times!  If one site takes you 10 minutes to perform all updates, that’s over 8 hours of resources being tied up.  And that’s just plugin updates.  We didn’t even discuss WordPress or theme updates, user management such as resetting passwords, malware scanning, backups, well you get the idea.

There has to be a better way… and there is!


So what is our secret to managing all of our WordPress sites from one location, cost effectively, and with just a few clicks of a button? How do we monitor, perform regular security and feature updates to not only WordPress, but the extensive library of themes and plugins in use? How do we run malware scans, perform local or offsite backups, clone WordPress installs, manage users, plugins and various other time consuming tasks on more than 10, 20, 50 web sites at once?


The professional’s secret?


InfiniteWP ( is a powerful software we utilize to manage all of our WordPress sites, and not just the sites we host on our servers, but also ones that are hosted by our clients, but managed by us.   We encourage any design firm, small or large, that is looking to lower their stress levels and free up their resources to test drive InfiniteWP (IWP).

Now, we could have kept this our secret and not told anyone, but we are strong believers in this product and we want it to continue to grow and benefit other companies like ourselves. We feel by sharing this awesome tool with you, that you will rekindle your love of designing web sites with WordPress without the fear of managing them and keeping them up to date.

You can now free yourself of the costly burden of managing multiple WordPress sites and basically, stop wasting time! Time is money and you shouldn’t be wasting it because you aren’t utilizing an efficient tool such as InfiniteWP.


Did we mention it’s FREE?


That’s right, if you stuck around long enough to read to the end of this article, you found our little but powerful secret. But, you don’t have to take our word for it!2

Try IWP out for yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, by the way, did we mention it’s FREE? That’s right, we said free! It doesn’t get any better than that. So why not download it today and free yourself, your team, and your time! Over 250,000 web sites are being managed by InfiniteWP, why not become a member of the IWP family today.

So, what can you do with InfiniteWP and how fast can you do it?


You can perform selected updates for plugins, themes and WordPress Core for all your sites or only the ones you choose.  With a single click of a button, it will automatically log in to each of your sites and perform the selected updates all the while providing you with updates to let you know what is going on.  This whole process takes anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.

InfiniteWP - Screenshot - Web sites


Manage Plugins and Themes

Not just updates, you can install, deactivate and delete plugins and themes.  That’s a huge time savor that any WordPress admin can appreciate.

InfiniteWP - Screenshot 1

Manage Users

Have you ever needed to reset multiple user’s passwords?  Ever needed to create the same user in multiple sites?  How about change the role of multiple users at once?  Then you know the sound of your teeth grinding just thinking of how long it will take you when doing it by hand.  Save your money on dental work and use IWP to do it for you!

Backups and Malware Scans

InfiniteWP - Screenshot - Backups

Perform automated or manual backups of your files and database for multiple sites at once.  Restore the backup in the even of a failure or hack.  You can save the backup locally or offsite such as Amazon S3’s infinitely scalable and highly durable cloud storage.

Worried about malware from hackers or rouge bots?  Now you can scan all your sites with the click of a button and keep them protected.

Monitor Up-time

Making sure your web sites are always up is a required task.  Client’s don’t like it when their sites go down. Usually this is at no fault of your own, perhaps your hosting provider is having connectivity issues.  You need to know which sites are down and why not also view their up-time history while you’re at it?

InfiniteWP - Screenshot - Uptime

View Activity Log

Did you just update 5 plugins across 4 sites?  Did you just backup 20 sites or scan 30?  All of these tasks can be done while you are sleeping and without your browser being open.  The Activity Log helps you see what has been going on while you were away and tells you which web sites had problems, if any.

InfiniteWP - Screenshot - Activity


InfiniteWP comes with an extensive library of add-ons to help automate your daily tasks and start saving you time and money.  While IWP is free and comes with everything you need to get started, the add-ons provide huge value add features and are a mininal cost when you consider how much time they will save you.

InfiniteWP support is quick and helpful

We wouldn’t recommend a solution to you that didn’t come with outstanding support.  IWP’s support is quick, knowledgeable and helpful.  You can contact support directly from the IWP’s admin panel or interact in their discussion forum.  Plus, at any time, you can go through the IWP Tour which walks you through all the features of InfiniteWP right there inside the admin panel! How cool is that?!?

InfiniteWP - Screenshot - Tour


Download and Installation

IWP provides multiple ways to make installation a breeze.  If you are feeling hands on, you can download and install it yourself.  Installation is easier than installing WordPress.  However, they don’t just leave it up to you, they also provide multiple services from a WordPress plugin (how cool!), from within your host’s control panel all the way up to having an expert install it for you for only $19!  A cup of joe at your local coffeehouse costs more than that these days.

InfiniteWP - Screenshot - Installation

We encourage you to try InfiniteWP for yourself and stop wasting time and money!


Are you wanting a web site built or have an existing WordPress site and need someone to manage it, improve it, or completely redesign it? Newton Design and Marketing can help. Now that you know our secret, you also know that we are experts at WordPress, design, content and providing for our clients. But we don’t just stop at web sites, we provide print, video, marketing, and a wealth of other services for your company and brand. We can help you get started and get you to where you want to go. Contact us today.



Written by Steve Marasigan