By Amy Kelley

It happens all the time. You are on your favorite social media site and you see a title or heading that interests you, so you click on it, expecting to be brought to the full page article and instead you are brought to a series of images and much like a scrapbook, the story unfolds as you flip through the pictures.

This is an example of image focused content, and it can be very useful in helping you grow your online business. Read on for some examples on why you should consider using image focused content.

Image focused content will…

Capture the Reader’s Attention:

image focused content90% of information that is transmitted in the brain is visual? Not only that, but the brain processes visuals 60 thousand times faster than text alone. It’s clear that if you want to capture your reader’s attention, visuals are the way to go.



Drive Your Point Home:

image focused contentImaged focused content will assist the reader as they move through your content. It will help keep their focus, help reader get a better understanding of what you’re saying and help keep your thoughts organized.



Get Your Brand Noticed Quicker:

image focused contentWhen your content is imaged focused, readers will be drawn to it and if the content that connects to each image is interesting, informative and gives the reader what the want, the reader is very likely to forward your information on. This means more face time for you, your company, your blog, or whatever you are trying to build.


Enhance Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

image focused contentFinally, Image Focused Content is great way to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which means that you will show up nearer to the beginning of search results (i.e., Google, Yahoo)
By adding a few images to your content, you can optimize your search with key words, meta tags, image names and descriptions to increase web traffic to your site. Whatever you write about, just be sure to show your reader what it is you want them to know.


amy_newcolorAmy Kelley is  the Newton Design & Marketing Content Queen, she has worked with clients big and small to create and build content & successful narrative. Chances are, she’s writing something right now!


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Marcus Smith is Digital Marketing Jedi and SEO specialist with Newton Design and Marketing. Marcus helps companies from a wide range of industries to improve their online presence, search engine optimization and branding.