By Kelli Moore

As a project manager, I always strive to go above and beyond what I believe my customer expects. However, to do so, it is crucial that myself and my team understand the ins and outs of the customer’s business.

project managerFor example, recently, my team and I met with a new client regarding a website we are designing for them. Going in to the meeting, our goal was to show the client our design mockups so that they could review new color schemes as well as a variety of layouts. After further discussion and review of our proposed layouts, we learned a very important piece of information about their business and consumer. In today’s technologically advanced society, a website is a must have in any business. However, in this instance, their website was not only a qualifier for new consumers, but could also be a disqualifier if not designed properly. This is a huge piece of information that is crucial for my team to know when brainstorming and creating a website.

I guess, I tell you this so that you as a marketer understand how important it is to “pull” every last bit of information out of your clients as you possible can in order to create a product (or design a website, newsletter, handbook, brochure, etc.) that is beneficial to your client’s business and that is up to par with their expectations. We live in a customer satisfaction driven world and that satisfaction cannot be achieved without knowing all of the information ahead of time. Conversely, as a client, it is imperative that you divulge all of the little bits and pieces of information that, although you may think it’s a given, we as project managers and ad agencies might not know.

Next time you meet with a new client, do your research prior to the meeting, but remember that the person you are meeting with is immersed within that specific business and experience with the business is way more beneficial to you than the information you found on the internet. Ask questions…ask lots of questions and then just let them talk…you’ll be surprised how much you get. Don’t leave without knowing they “gave it all to you.”


kelli_newcolorKelli Moore is our resident Social Media Mastermind & also a project manager for Newton Design & Marketing. Kelli is a seasoned account executive with experience at Ogilvie and Steward Marketing. She has a decade of work handling accounts such as Ford Motor Company and is a seasoned customer service person. Kelli is also responsible for budget planning at Newton. She handles our larger account budgets and ensures they are used to maximum effect.

Written by marcus
Marcus Smith is Digital Marketing Jedi and SEO specialist with Newton Design and Marketing. Marcus helps companies from a wide range of industries to improve their online presence, search engine optimization and branding.