By Shelley Rollins

bill-gatesI heard a quote once by Bill Gates, “If I only had two dollars left; I would use one of them for PR!” If you have heard this saying then you probably already have your marketing budget in place for 2015. If you haven’t heard this quote and you have your 2015 budget in place; awesome!! If you have no idea what I am talking about, and then stay tuned and let me explain. Do you wonder why he said that? Why did he believe so whole heartedly that he needed to advertise? He had already figured out what I am about to tell you!

First; without advertising you have no customer base. Even things as simple as handing out your business card IS advertising. Maintaining a good website IS advertising. To succeed in business you needed a constant flow of customers. Eventually you realize that selling to your family and friends will only get you so far. You have to obtain and maintain a customer base and you have to find and engage your prospects. Then you must convince them to buy from you instead of your competition. How do you do that and how do you know what exactly is worth spending your money on?

Second; there is a real art to designing an effective marketing/ advertising / branding campaign. Do you ever notice that some logosinternet-marketing-budget-graph are more memorable than others? Do you notice sometimes you crave popcorn about 15 or so minutes after your movie has started? An effective advertising agency will tell you that the most effective campaigns have a certain amount of psychology behind them. Advertising is getting people to think what you want them to think; and when you want them to think it. Do you ever notice how most dine in restaurants have a lot of the color red inside their menu? It is because the color red evokes a hunger response but too much of the color red can evoke rage. Stay with me; it really is an art. Part of mastering the art of branding is making sure that your brand remains consistent. Your logo; company colors, company signs, business cards; all of these items should be consistent. It is the way people remember who you are.

If you don’t know what your advertising and marketing budgets should look like; or what your advertising campaigns should be, I highly recommend hiring an agency! There is a reason you started your business; it is because you are really good at what you do. Often times I notice that business owners think they need to do it all to call themselves successful. If you ask Sir Richard Branson he would tell you quite the opposite. His theory is that when he buys a new company and doesn’t know much about its day to day operations; he hires someone that does! He doesn’t feel he needs to do it all; he feels that you surround yourself with experts and stick to what makes you money.

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032Shelley Rollins is Director of Community Relations. A formerbusiness owner herself, Shelley has more than 15 years experience in marketing public relations and studied Risk Management at the University of Florida in Orlando. Shelley has two daughters, Kimberly age 19 and Ayrian age 10, and resides with her husband Keith, their dog Naya and their cat Lovebug in The Woodlands, TX.

Written by marcus
Marcus Smith is Digital Marketing Jedi and SEO specialist with Newton Design and Marketing. Marcus helps companies from a wide range of industries to improve their online presence, search engine optimization and branding.