I’m sure as a small business owner you would rest easy at night and have peace of mind if you owned a state-of-the-art security system. Most businesses are well covered when it comes to that. But would you be as prepared for an invisible thief not detectable by your video surveillance? Consider this:


98% of small and mid-size technology and healthcare companies are maintaining or increasing resources devoted to cybersecurity over the next year, preparing for WHEN, not if, cyber attacks occur. And 50% are increasing their spend, and investing in active response, not infrastructure. If this is how tech companies prepare, your business, being just as much or more valuable, should do no less! Still unconvinced? Before you rest easy again, consider these high profile data breaches and whether or not your company would survive?

18 million records lost 80 million records lost 100 million records lost 4.9 million records lost
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Written by Raymond Turner