When it comes to social media, it’s all a trend. We create social profiles throughout the internet sometimes without really thinking it through. Especially small businesses. They know that Facebook and Twitter is popular and everyone has one, and they all just want to belong. But, you know those movie or television scenes where the parents try to use slang with their teenagers but don’t know what they’re actually saying so they actually end up making a fool of themselves? Those are essentially some small businesses on social media. They’re there and don’t really know what they’re doing, or why or how it will work for them. And maybe this is you and you’re sitting here say “YES” and nodding your head franticly. But chill though, we got you and we’re here to help.



The Main Thing

Social media platforms are vital for small businesses they are great communication assets, particularly for the ability to deliver instantaneous information.

Primarily, businesses can use their social media to deliver news and provide quick information about their business such as promotions or changing hours of operation. Once that is running efficiently, social media profiles can be used to directly interact with customers by creating conversation or responding to their comments or questions.

Through Facebook and Google+, past customers have the option to leave reviews which, if positive, can be a persuading factor for a potential customer to do business with you. Some business will even develop a fan base of loyal customers from social media which can add to your credibility if you interact with them.

This all amounts to allowing the customers to effectively preview your business, through the quality of your posts, and content.

But Wait, There’s More!

Your social media will also help your SEO efforts. You see, social media profiles are included in the ranking process by search engines and are most often one of the first results customers will see. Social links may also be assisting social signal, which improve your credibility and therefore your rank. It’s all part of the new age of link building. Twitter specifically also really helps with indexing when it comes to indexing and eases up the process.

There you have it folks. That’s why businesses have Facebooks, and that’s how they use them. While you might have understood part of it so far, it’s okay if you’re still lost, we can help! We offer social media management packages. Call us at (888) 552-7475 or email us today!



Written by Chris Mulgrew