There is this toy you might have grown up playing with that involved a rotating circular base with little plastic fish embedded in it, whose mouths would open and close, which you would try to pick up with a tiny plastic “fishing pole” with a magnet at it’s end.

via DD4 "Funny Wind-up Fishing Game Toy for Kids Family"

via DD4 “Funny Wind-up Fishing Game Toy for Kids Family”

While ideally you were trying to catch as many fish of a certain color as you could to win the game, which would seem easy enough, the magnets aren’t always strong, the fishes’ mouths aren’t always open, the base is rotating, and your 7-year-old coordination just can’t seem to master it completely.

This is your brain on marketing.

Now, consider the fish game base would stop rotating, while all the fish mouths were open and you could use your hands, not just the flimsy fishing poles.

That is the power of marketing automation.

You know who your customer base is but getting them isn’t always easy. They have specific preferences, locations, and habits. To get to them easier you need to be able to stop and take a look at who they are and what they are looking for.

Marketing automation isn’t a novel idea. It’s been there when you received those “oops you left this in your shopping cart” e-mails, when you see an online ad for the shoes you were just admiring a week before and when you receive the “we miss you” e-mails. It’s borderline stalking, but that’s marketing automation. And it works.


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Essentially, it’s how you can wave your hands in front of your customer’s face reminding them that you’re there and you have what they need.

With marketing automation software, we have the ability to recognize your customer’s habits, use personalized and customized messaging to reach them through those very habits.

This way the audience you want, comes to you versus you going to them. You know who you have are people who want to be your customers.

Hopefully, we are now on the same page that this is essential for marketing success. Want to learn more and be further convinced? Give us a call at 832.482.0010 or email us at!

Written by tamara pesqueira