Think of a football game. (American Football.  No offense to soccer fans.  I love that game too.)  Your favorite team has to play excellent offense and defense all year to make to the Big Game.

SEO is a matter of constantly playing offense with engaging and useful content, while also playing defense against your competitors that are constantly engaged in their own SEO plays.  Those in charge of a small business will find it prudent to tap into the expertise of a well-established SEO firm. Attempting to conduct a comprehensive SEO campaign on your own will prove to be time-consuming and inefficient. This is one of those niche areas of business marketing that require a highly skilled team.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to hire the experts.

#1 Prevent a Downgrade

Inferior SEO tactics have the potential to backfire in a big way. Work with a reputable SEO firm and you won’t have to worry about an SEO misstep causing a page ranking downgrade or Google penalties.  Look for a company with a track record of at least 5 years, multiple employees so they are not dependent upon that one person and are not outsourcing to a 3rd party domestically or overseas.

#2 Search Engines are Dynamic

SEO specialists stay up to date on search engine formula upgrades. Google is constantly tinkering with its search algorithms. Such modifications can have a monumental impact on your business’s SEO. Outsource SEO to professionals and you won’t have to stay up to date on search engine alterations. Google has added over 40 changes to its algorithms in the last 3 years.

#3 SEO is not Easy

Though the web is littered with SEO information, it is easier to talk about SEO than accomplish it in an effective manner. Developing a thorough understanding of SEO techniques and how to properly implement them is quite challenging.

#4 Professional Analytics

The best SEO firms make use of professional analytics to determine the best strategies for your particular business’s website.

#5 Conserve Your Time

This is a complicated subject that requires the attention of experienced inbound marketing professionals.  Look for a team that has invested years studying its nuances.

#6 The Experienced Partner You Need

True SEO experience and knowledge is irreplaceable. Lean on the expertise of SEO aficionados and they’ll tap into the power of the most effective SEO techniques.

#7 Competitor Analysis

SEO specialists will study the nuances of your particular field to determine which SEO strategies are optimal. They’ll also analyze competitors to determine which SEO strategies were the most effective for those businesses.

#8 Boost Your Business’s Reputation

SEO experts know how to get your business’s name in highly visible online arenas. This is exactly what you need to amplify your company’s presence in your local market.

#9 SEO Professionals Will Save You Money

One SEO misstep can result in a significant loss of marketing dollars. Make the most of your advertising budget by teaming up with SEO experts.

#10 Traffic That Sparks Sales

SEO experts understand that page ranking does not always equate to enhanced sales. These gurus know how to bring high-quality traffic to your site that results in conversions.


Next week, we will share our thoughts on getting into the SEO game in 2017.

Enjoy the Super Bowl.






Written by Rich Fifield