shutterstock_373780294Most small business owners try to do everything possible to keep costs down especially when first starting out. The problem is that not investing right from the outset in the right things can result in disaster for any business—large or small.

Branding is one of the most important things for business — yet many entrepreneurs overlook its importance and make mistakes when it comes to branding. Not paying attention to the importance of branding can very easily compromise a company’s success.

Branding is a company’s persona — its reputation or image. A brand defines the business’s reputation and character. Building a strong brand image can work wonders for attracting new business. Here are four of the most common branding mistakes that many small businesses make and ways to avoid them.

Ignoring Website Design

In today’s world, consumers tend to check out a company online before buying goods or services with them. Whether they go online to find the businesses telephone number, address or check out merchandise, the website is likely where they first come across a company’s brand. A poorly-designed site can very well leave a poor impression on potential customers. On the other hand, a custom-designed website will do wonders in helping any business stand apart from the competition.

Not Being Consistent

Using different logos, colors and images on various advertising materials just annoys and irritates customers. Using the same logos, pictures and colors throughout the website and on other advertising materials will go a long way towards giving your brand a polished image. Mailers and other advertising materials should feature the same logo design and images as on your website. Having consistent brand images will help you build consumer loyalty over time.

Ignoring Video Content

Video content is a crucial part of promoting a brand. Putting video content out there will help any business get noticed quicker. Video can be used to highlight a brand’s mission, culture, and values. These things are part of any company’s brand identity.

Making Mistakes on Social Media

Social media is becoming more and more vital for marketing and branding purposes. Making mistakes on social media can wreck havoc on a brand as some companies have inadvertently discovered. Examples of social media mistakes that can ruin a company include responding to negative customer complaints in a negative way—such as by attacking the customer or posting inappropriate remarks.

Avoiding the above rookie branding mistakes will help any startup or small business avoid failure and instead thrive.

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