shutterstock_272653820Search engine optimization (SEO) is a game whose tactics keeps on changing. For this reason, digital marketers must stay ahead of the game and adapt to these changes as they occur to keep a competitive advantage within their industry. That said; let us look at some interesting trends that will refine your SEO strategy this year.
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
More than 50 percent of search queries globally are performed via mobile devices, as opposed to desktop computers according to Google. Because the majority of consumers use their mobile devices to find products and services, businesses must ensure that their site is responsive and optimized for mobile. Not doing so will result in lost revenue. However, loading speeds are and continue to be a major concern for most users. 
To boost mobile speeds and improve the user experience when surfing the web, Google recently launched AMP – an open source protocol for publishers. This stripped-down version of the mobile web allows the creation of light mobile web pages that deliver content in blazing supercharged speeds. WordPress sites can be adjusted to AMP using a plug-in. Also, Google has stated that web pages with the AMP feature will get more visibility and better indexing, a great reason why you must consider AMP this year
Structured Data Markup
Structured data is information configured in a manner that’s universally understood. According to Google, structured data can help boost “crawler friendliness” by helping Google crawlers to find and pull significant information from your site. Without structured markup, search engine crawlers will pull any text from your site that appears to be is a structured data code that allows search engines to define it. Most webmasters are using this data code to simplify their work and display rich snippets in search results. Since search engines want to be able to fetch information from your site faster and easily, we should look forward to structured data playing an even bigger part this year
Voice Search
Internet users are more on the go than ever before. The dramatic shift in mobile-first is evolving. Most mobile users now rely on voice search as opposed to text. Apple’s application “Siri” and most recently Amazon’s in-home tool “Axela” have made it possible to make vocal inquiries. The recent developments signify a shift in how organic searches will be conducted in the future. So, digital marketers need to be more vigilant when creating keywords as more people continue to become reliant on vocal commands
While it’s hard to point out exactly what Google has in store for us, it’s safe to say that the above trends will have a positive impact in 2017.
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