shutterstock_126178160It’s been a fast-paced digital world the past few years. 2016 saw the rise of augmented reality ushered in by Pokemon go. Video was quick to usurp the throne from all other digital mediums and continues to reign supreme. Here are 3 trends in digital marketing that every marketer needs to be aware of in 2017.

1.) Live Video Streaming 

If there’s one thing digital consumers are beginning to demand, it’s in-the-moment content. With both Facebook and Instagram offering live feeds, you can broadcast a real-time webinar, concert performances, or an informative Q&A with the CEO. Live streaming is a great way to engage with your customers and draw potentially millions of viewers. With live streaming becoming the norm, we will see more brands utilizing its capabilities.

2.) Immersive Content

Attention spans are continuing to shrink. Consumers and internet users are beginning to yearn for more than just staring at their screen. From SXSW to top digital conferences, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have become hot topics at panels. We will continue to see these capabilities rise. Marketers are chomping at the bit to utilize them before anyone else. 360 photos and videos are also becoming popular ways for users to feel like they’re living in the moment. Brands are also taking advantage of hosting live webinars and workshops to encourage in-the-moment engagement.

3.) Niche Marketing

Online marketing is more crowded than ever.  As the number of consumers continues to grow, many businesses are finally taking note and want a piece of the digital pie. In today’s digital landscape, it is imperative to carve out your brand’s niche in order to appeal to a specific demographic. One of the ways to integrate niche marketing into your strategy is through content marketing.

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