shutterstock_346243727Marketing directors love to maximize their reach with social media. Many will even tell you “SEO is dead,” when truthfully it just takes a better user experience to rank now.

Yet, a killer social media marketing campaign can really make Google love your site. Take a look below for five SEO-boosting ways to enhance your social media marketing efforts.

1. Run an Engagement Marketing Campaign

Any social media marketer worth their weight will already have engagement marketing intentions. But, some are not SEO experts at heart. Hint: This is the perfect time to optimize, say by hosting a live event on Facebook — one that requires on-site attendance and interactions. This alone would increase traffic and lower page abandonment rates while improving time-on-page and bounce rates.

2. Build On-Site Activity with Social Media Contests

Pretend you offer wine connoisseur services. You can host live web events and request that attendants share a few of your most important ranking pages (in-depth content). Ask for users to comment on certain posts. This all brings your on-site engagement metrics up, making your site look more trustable in Google’s eyes.

3. Take Advantage of Live Streaming

Do you have the third SERP for a strong keyword and want to rough your way up to first place? Run Facebook live video streaming from time to time and build your following audience that way. Capitalize on anything that’s mainstream for your niche — focus on recent events. Google loves live news providers, and live video is an interactive source.

4. Run a Referral Contest

Encourage people to share your website for whatever reason works for your marketing campaign. Set up a referral contest and award the main incentive to a select few top referrers. You can make suggestions on SEO-benefiting referral techniques — such as by influencing people to guest blog comment with their referral link to your homepage. This can naturally build both do-follow and no-follow backlinks on many top news sites and niche blogs, as well as increase social media activity.

5. Use Social Media Followers as Writers

Many brands have influential people in their social media fan base. You should always watch for opportunities to turn followers into writers. This is a surefire way to increase blogging frequency (which Google loves) and it can be done at no real cost. The best way to start this off is by periodically running a writing contest with prizes, and offering a guest writing spot to those that show potential. Beyond website activity and content depth, these people will share their contributions and ultimately further your social media reach.

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