Your business needs a blog to succeed. When done effectively, it’s a cornerstone of success in the digital world. If you aren’t already, what’s stopping you from building your brandability, ranking strength, and viral reach through an on-site blog? The five key reasons below should be more than enough to convince you to start regularly blogging on your website.

1. Free Leads via Google

The primary reason for running a blog is because you can attract search traffic from Google. This lead generation tactic can provide results for the long term at the cost of some quality SEO content. For local businesses, citations and on-site SEO are only part of the battle. You should make in-depth blog posts (longer content ranks better), as these will seriously boost your site’s overall ranking strength.

2. Higher Lead Conversion Rates

Think of your blog posts as landing pages: the more indexed pages, the better. These pages help you obtain leads via targeted search traffic. You can achieve an impressive ROI through this route without paying a high price for targeted leads.

3. Perfect Material for Influencers

Ever consider running an influencer marketing campaign? If so, there’s a better chance of doing well when you have interesting blog posts to share. They can reference almost any post to their followers when the context is right. Think strategically and plan your posts around your influencer strategy.

4. Networking through Guest Posting

Your company can attract many high-level professionals that are trying to build an online writing footprint. At the price of an authorship credit, you can get free and professionally valuable content from industry experts. These people often help with marketing the content, thus extending your brand’s reach into their audience.

5. Engage Your Core Audience

Social media platforms are only one communication channel. Businesses need to get their target audience on their website more. Whether they convert at the time or just familiarize with the site’s branding, it’s a significant advantage. Stay trendy with your blog posts and let word-of-mouth marketing take over.

Every brand should have a blog. For SEO purposes, posting needs to be done at least two or three times a week. This frequency is not as important when it comes to achieving social media marketing success. Get started as soon as you can, so you can start enjoying the many benefits that a successful blog offers.

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