Did you know that Google is responsible for seven out of every 10 internet searches? Since the vast majority — 93 percent — of online activity starts out with a trip to a search engine, it’s clear your website has to rank on Google in order to get traffic.
Search engine optimization is a process of getting Google’s algorithm to like your site. If the technology behind Google thinks your site is valuable and trustworthy, you’ll rank high and get all the traffic that comes with those top spots.
Here are just a few things Google wants out your website, and why you might want to hire an SEO expert to put them into action.

Good Content

Content tells Google the subject matter of your site, but also provides a better user experience. Things like articles, blog posts, and static content demonstrate you know your industry and the pain points of your customers. As Google’s algorithm has evolved to more closely match a human experience, it’s sought out sites with content that give searchers the quality information they seek.

Reputable Backlinks

You may have strong content, but Google also wants to know that your peers think you’re worth your salt when it comes to your alleged area of expertise. How does Google assess trustworthiness? By how the Internet speaks about you, or more specifically, whether or not other reputable sites link to yours. These links work with things like user-submitted review sites like Yelp to give Google an idea of whether customers actually like you and what you do.

Intuitive Design

Visitors who come to your site should find it easy to use regardless of what they are looking for and whatever device they’re relying upon. The Google robots that search your site look for clean navigation, internal links from one page to another and widgets that revolve around a single theme. Simply put, if the Google bot can figure it out, it assumes any human can — and you’ll get points that increase your ranking.
In modern e-commerce, putting thought into SEO is no longer optional. Working with the experts at Newton Designs SEO, you can develop a website that speaks to the search engines and your potential customers as well.
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