With more than 3 billion active users, social media should be a major part of your marketing plan. But, just because your business is on a few social networks, it doesn’t mean you’re doing everything right. If you aren’t experiencing rich results, you might be making the following social media mistakes:

Posting the Same Content on All Platforms

It’s tempting to post all content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms to save time and effort. But posts that work well on one platform don’t always translate well on another. Instead, post a 140-character quick tip on Twitter, share an article or video on Facebook, and post an image on Instagram. Don’t try to post a long update on Twitter or a link on Instagram, because neither will work and both will waste time you could spend on crafting unique posts for each platform.

Not Posting Regularly

Your readers count on you to make regular posts, not disappear for months and then return with 10 posts in one day. Many social networks let you schedule posts ahead of time, so there’s no reason to not post once a day or at least a few times per week, even when you’re busy. More specifically, social media pros advise you to post to Facebook five to 10 times per week, Twitter one to five times per day, and Instagram one to two times per day.

Not Staying on Brand

Your social media posts must align with your brand. If your brand is classy and appeals to a sophisticated audience, making posts that include low-brow humor and curse words galore won’t impress your readers. Likewise, if you use a fun, casual tone for the rest of your brand messaging, it doesn’t make sense for your social media posts to be proper and serious. Think about what your audience expects from your brand, and stick to that when you post.

Sharing the Same Types of Content All the Time

Too many self-serving links to your website will bore your audience. However, only posting other people’s content all the time is wasting an opportunity to share your own. That’s why you should stick to the 30/60/10 ratio. Thirty percent of what you post should be owned content, meaning non-promotional items like your blog posts, pictures, videos or reader tips. Then, 60 percent should be curated from other people, such as links to articles, images or videos others made. Lastly,10 percent can be promotional, including links to products or services, coupon codes and calls to action.

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