As you know, it often falls upon integrators to blend their companies’ digital activities and overall marketing strategies. However, many professionals still confuse digital sales with digital marketing.

Obviously, convincing people to buy your products or services is the key component of marketing. Even so, marketing consists of much more.

Digital marketing involves online conversations and internet relationships with consumers, and it demands juicy, irresistible content.

Making a Social Media Splash

First of all, make sure that your brand is active on just about every major social media platform and update all of those pages frequently. Also, respond to as many questions and comments from followers and fans as you can. It’s especially important to optimize all of that material for mobile viewing.

Whenever you’re posting, steer clear of generic, royalty-free images and videos; they tend to bore people. Instead, put up a rich variety of original media, including colorful charts and behind-the-scenes photos. You could also shoot videos that depict happy customers and bubbly employees who clearly love their work.

Personality, Not Pushiness

A sense of fun might distinguish you from your competitors. If your posts often display some humor, you’ll probably increase your traffic. Not to mention, you may have more fun on the job if you’re writing funny stuff.

Remember, too, that only about a quarter of your social media content should explicitly advertise your products or services. The rest should inform, entertain or provide motivational messages. If people suspect that your sole interest is getting their dollars, they might turn to other brands that come across as more respectful.

Email and Beyond

As you focus on your social media pages, don’t neglect older forms of communication. Email is a prime example. It’s been around for more than two decades, yet many people, even young adults, are still willing to sign up for promotional emails. Besides, even if the vast majority of recipients delete your email messages before reading them, you’ll still reach many consumers you wouldn’t otherwise.

What are the main takeaways for integrators here? Digital posts should delight the eyes and engage the mind. Be everywhere you can be online. Be consistent. Commit yourself to inventiveness and quality and share your expertise with the public. And, of course, feel free to advertise your wares now and then. Follow these guidelines, and your base of satisfied customers should keep growing.

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