If you use Instagram to market your business, you need to comply with Instagram’s Terms of Use. Break these terms and you could see your account deleted. Here are three of the Instagram policies that marketers most often trip over.

1. Instagram Has a License to Use Your Content

When you publish an image on Instagram, you grant the platform the right to use your content. Specifically, you grant Instagram “a non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license.” That means not only can Instagram use your photos in any way it chooses, but it can also sell the license on to other people to use.

In practice, Instagram doesn’t make money out of selling users’ content onto third parties, but in theory, it could. When you post a picture on the site, be aware that you no longer have complete control over how it is used.

2. You Must Respect Copyright

Even though Instagram reserves the right to use its users’ content, you still own the copyright. No other Instagram users can legally repost your images without your permission. If someone uses your content and you want them to stop, you can submit a claim of infringement to Instagram.

The flip side of this deal is that you also can’t repost other users’ content without breaking the terms and conditions of the platform. If you want to post content you found on the platform, contact the image owner first to ask for permission.

3. All Contests Require Full Rules and Terms

Instagram contests are a great way to promote follower engagement. However, when you run a contest, you must provide the terms of the contest in full. For example, you need to clearly define the prizes on offer, as well as any eligibility requirements. Instagram also requires you to include some platform-wide rules in the contest post. First, you need to acknowledge that the contest is “not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.” Second, you must make it clear to users that they should not tag content inaccurately.

If you follow the rules, the Instagram platform is a great place to market your brand online. Keep these three policies in mind to ensure you don’t break any Instagram rules and put your account in jeopardy.

Written by administrator