It’s a nightmare for marketers. They spend long months laboring on their branding: their logo, slogan, website, social media pages and so on. They think they’ve got it just right. And then: kersplat! No one seems interested. Sales stay flat or go down. What happened?
Corporate branding is complicated and tricky. It involves understanding human psychology to attract consumers and burrow deep into their memory banks. But, if you watch out for the errors below, you should be able to avert branding catastrophes.

1. Speaking to No One in Particular

Naturally, your branding should always target the groups most likely to buy from you. If you’re not sure who those people are, your first order of business is to hire a research firm to conduct market surveys. Those surveys can also tell you what kinds of images and messages would most appeal to those individuals.

2. Lacking a Brand Guide

Once you know who your branding will address, you can start working on a brand guide. It’s a detailed document that explains the personality of your company. Are you edgy and youth-oriented? Are you more laid-back and traditional?

After describing your business’ overall style and philosophy, your guide can dive into the nitty-gritty. Spell out what fonts, colors, images, and music are appropriate for you. That way, everyone who works on your online videos, TV commercials, print ads and so forth will have a clear vision of what will work. Everybody will be on the same page — literally.

As a result, making decisions will be easier, and your branding will be pleasing and harmonious rather than confusing and off-putting.

3. Being Vague and Dull

To make your branding memorable, be vivid and specific. In your video narrations and text, steer clear of cliches and generic language. Instead, briefly name the specific benefits of your products or services. Use phrases that are snappy and colorful, cite sales statistics and maybe even quote a few of your customers.

Take your own photos and videos, too. Show people in your store smiling as they try out your merchandise, and let everyone see your dedicated employees in action. Maybe these materials won’t be as slick as the professional kind, but they’ll lend your branding authenticity and excitement.

If it’s done right, your branding will take on a life of its own. Many consumers will instantly recognize your logo and commercials, and some of them might hum your jingle for hours on end. Yes, branding lets you do more than sell. It helps you become a part of people’s daily lives.

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